How can you join ACOD Universiteit Gent?

How to join?

Contact one of our delegates (see the frame at the right side of this page)


join online by completing this form:

Online membership form ACOD Ghent University

After having submitted the online form you will soon receive a number of formal documents (e.g. for the payment of the membership dues) at your home address. Please complete and sign these documents and send them back using the prepaid envelope to the address indicated. You can also hand in these documents to one of our delegates. Your membership dues will be paid automatically each month. You can find the membership dues for this year in the frame below.

Job students can join online through ABVV Jongeren.

New monthly membership dues from 2019 on
  • For administrative staff
    • function level A: € 17,50
    • normal dues: € 16,20
    • normal dues half time or less: € 8,80
    • retired: max. € 6,70
    • unemployed: € 8,80
  • For researchers, academic and teaching staff:
    • employment equal to or more than a half time assignment: € 17,50
    • part time career break: € 17,50
    • reduced activities equal to or more than a half time assignment: € 17,50
    • employment less than a half time assignment: € 9,70
    • fulltime career break: € 9,70
    • unemployed: € 9,70
    • members with full TBS before retirement: € 8,00
    • retired: € 8,00
  • Job students

Syndicale premie (annual refund)

At Ghent University members of a trade union are entitled to an annual refund of part of their membership dues, called syndicale premie. The application forms for this syndicale premie are usually sent by Ghent University to all staff members (having worked at Ghent Univeristy during the previous calendar year) at the end of March - beginning of April. Members should complete and sign this form and hand it in to their trade union. More details on this will be cummunicated by us shortly after the application forms have been sent by Ghent University.

People who were member of the trade union during the full previous calendar year are entitled to a full syndiacle premie. At the moment this consists of an amount of 90 EUR. People who have joined the union later during the previous calendar year will olny receive part of the syndicale premie.